We are a small creative group located in Bhubaneswar. We help to take care of your IT needs so that you can support your business for a healthy growth. We believe in mutual development and team work.

Our Services

Events Management

We provide applications to take care of all the needs for users registration, online payments, online events management, journals and documents printing, conference kits, badges etc. We have a variety of service oriented approach for conferences, seminars, workshops etc.

Software Development

We offer full stack packages for Software Analysis, Planning, Development, Testing and Deployment on a variety of platforms and technologies. We offer best in class delivery and upto 99.9% uptime*. We also provide very reliable, scalable, and affordable plans for website and web application hosting.

Managed IT Services

Our highly dedicated team have infinite patience to listen and understand your needs and offer best in class solutions to our business. Our team offers good support and quick issue resolving abilities. Our services ranges from Networking, Office management and AMC.